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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Crafts Fill My Days

"Crafts fill my days - not to mention the living room, bedroom and closets."

I was looking around the internet earlier and came across this saying and I thought how true this is as I looked around my craft/computer room filled with craft books, magazines, craft supplies and beads, beads and more beads!

Then I got to thinking about the closets that have things stuffed into them, those WIP's or works in progress crafts that I had thought at the time "I love that pattern or idea I have to do it" then I started it and not sure what happened but didn't complete it. Then the bits of paper with ideas on them from long ago and thinking wow what made me think of that one or some of them made me think or yes that would work why didn't I do that.

Then I thought about under my bed, lol!! yes there is crafts under there to in plastic storage bins that are designed to fit under beds! I thought at the time how clever to use that space under there, and then I was motivated to fill them up to, lol!!

I have by accident spilled a bags of beads onto the floor or a bag or 2 has split open in the closet where I have some stored - thinking I have gotten them all up off the floor or out of the closet I find one or 2 beads here and there and wondered how I missed them the first time out and then thinking that they will be here in this house long after I move from it! I wonder if the new owners of the house will be inspired to do some kind of craft by what they find popping out of my closets!

So really the saying is so true for us! "Crafts really do fill our days and our closets and our bedrooms"

Have a great day everyone!

~Happy Beading~

Jenny and Jan

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The Bead Shak

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