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Friday, January 19, 2007

Craft Wire - What Gauge?

Craft wire is one of those craft supplies that can be used for so much by so many different kinds of crafters. Craft wire can be used or incorporated into beading projects, jewelery making, scrap booking, knitting and even crocheting.

Craft wire now comes in a variety of colors, everything from white all the way up to turquoise blues and purples perfect for embellishing a scrapbook page, designing a unique piece of jewelery or stringing beads onto and shaping for your bead projects.

Next comes the question what gauge of wire do I need to buy?

Wire is measured in gauges and the smaller the gauge number on the package is - the thicker or bigger the wire is going to be.

18 gauge wire is what we have used in some of our beading projects in the Members Area of Bead Shak. Its a medium thick wire, when twisted together won't bend easily and you can twist and turn it into shapes like hearts or large circles for hanging your beaded project. If you want to form closed circles, do more intricate shapes you will need pliers for this which are available at most craft stores.

22 gauge wire is a medium wire and will hold its shape well and is perfect for doing coils, and other free hand shapes when other gauges are either to thick or a little to thin to hold their shape. Rounded pliers found in most craft stores are perfect to help you shape this wire into something unique. A great way to make coils with this wire is to take a pencil, diameter of the pencil your choice, wrap the wire around the pencil and when you have the length you want, slip the wire carefully off the pencil and you have a perfect coil.

24 gauge wire is a fine wire and we have used this gauge of wire for beading projects in the Members Area of Bead Shak. Its fine enough to do loom style beading for small projects but durable enough to hold its shapes. Its the perfect wire for to make coiled, or shaped embellishments for your beading or scrap booking projects.

26 gauge wire is a very fine wire and best suited for seed beads projects.

28 gauge wire and on up is very very fine wire and is used in wire crocheting, wire knitting or weaving.

As with everything to do with crafts and beading in particular, we all have our preferences as to what beads we like and from what company, what thread or cording we like to use and from what company and this will be true for your choice in wire.

The above is a guide and one gauge of wire might be more suited to you than another. The most important thing is to be creative and have a ton of fun with any projects that you have chosen to do!

Have a great day everybody!

~Happy Beading~

Jenny and Jan

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All Right Reserved

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