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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fall Beading For Those Upcoming Holidays!

Its hard to believe that the Fall Season is here already it seemed that the summer just zipped by. Fall is a favorite season for many people who enjoy the cooler Fall weather, the brilliant colors of the trees and the upcoming holidays. There are so many holidays coming up and they just seem to sneak up on us all of a sudden.

The Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching
and is traditionally celebrated on the second Monday in October which would make it this year October 9, 2006.

The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday comes much later and is celebrated this year on November 23, 2006.

In between those two holidays falls Halloween!

Fall is the time we start to think about the upcoming holidays and then the word Christmas gifts starts to enter our thinking! Now is the perfect time to start those crafting projects for these upcoming holidays so that the Wallhanging, Doorhanger or Seasonal Accent is done and ready to display or wrapped up and mailed out before the day!

I say every year I am going to be ready and have it all done way before but somehow it didn't always works for me. I found though what did help get me more organized and ready was I did a google search for printable lists and came up with lists of all kinds from Shopping lists to Holiday shopping lists, Christmas lists, Christmas Card lists and a lot more.

I printed them out and put down all the names of the people I needed to make something for and then wrote down what I thought they would like, put it on my fridge door beside my calendar and as I thought of more things I thought people would like to have made I could add them and start making plans to do them. I also made a copy of my lists and put them in my purse so that when I was out shopping I could refer to them instead of trying to remember everything I needed to buy to start a project for the people on my list!

Seeing a list of things to do and make and seeing the calendar there with the dates approaching faster every day I did get organized and quickly. This helped me a lot to get things done earlier than I use to have done before!

If you want some Fall decorating ideas we have it all for you! Our Seasonal Accents are the answer to some of your decorating needs. We have for you Harvest Friends the perfect way to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday or how about our Spectacular Spooks! Each set is cute, fast and fun!

Our Fall/Thanksgiving Wallhangings include Fall Scarecrow, Happy Harvest and the very popular Harvest Scarecrow. We have added new for this Halloween these already very popular beaded banners, Ghostly Lanterns, Scaredy Cat and Gatekeeper. All these beaded banner are fun to make, designed with perfect detail and a pleasure to hang in any room or door of your house!

Visit our Newest Beaded Banner Pattern page to get more ideas so that you can make the perfect gift this year for all the upcoming Holidays!

~Happy Beading Everyone~

Jenny and Jan

copyright © 2003-2006 the bead shak
all rights reserved

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