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Friday, September 21, 2007

Bead A Memory With Us At Bead Shak!

Jenny and I have been doing crafts of one kind or another all
of our lives. We both have given to family and friends gifts
for special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, or just
to say have a great day. Plus we have received from family and
friends some pretty amazing hand crafted gifts.

We both have kept everything we have received from
family and friends and have stored them so that we can
bring them out to hang or place somewhere for special holidays
or events.

Its always fun to look into those boxes and see what is there
and to remember when you received it and for what holiday or
special occasion, what you did that day, what it meant to you when
you received the gift, the look on the person's face that made that
gift specially for us, all of those things that happen when we look back
evoke in us all special memories.

I got to thinking about crafting and what it means to the person
that makes a craft project and what it means to the person that
receives one.

From the crafter's stand point, its seeing that project in a craft store or
on line, whether its cross stitch or beading or crochet and saying oh
wow I know that Aunt Jan or my best friend Jenny would love to
have that or it reminds you of them and you know you have to
make it just for them.

That excitement of finding a special project then leads to the picking
of the materials, the colors for it and all the supplies that is needed to
complete it, then comes the fun part the making of it. Then as
we go along in the project we think of things to add or embellish that
special project with.

When its done, then comes the thought, "I can't wait until they
get this", and then you wonder "I hope they like it" or will they
be as excited as you are having found that special gift and you also
hope that you don't say anything to them about it, as its hard not to
being so excited about what your about to give them.
I know for me its hard not to say anything!!!

Then comes the moment you see the look on their face or you hear from
them via email or phone that they are just thrilled to bits, they love
it and sound so excited to have gotten it from you and that you thought
enough of them to do something so special for them and them saying
how did you know?

The reason you knew is you cared enough about them to listen to
what they have said about what they like or don't
like and could make a great choice in craft projects.

And for me that is the best moment of it all!

That is called Crafting From The Heart!


From the receiver of the craft project side, its the surprise of getting
a gift from that friend or family member, knowing that they have
made something that is special and unique just for you, that some times
it takes hours and hours of work, that they thought enough of you to
go and pick out those supplies and put it all together, wrap it up and
either send it to you by mailing it at the post office or in person delivering
it to you, all of which takes time which was just spent just on you.

But the most special thing is opening up that box or package
and seeing it and thinking wow I love this, its the perfect
color or the perfect wall hanging and how did you know that I just
love things like this. Then you think I will hang this in a special place for
all to see or you box it up carefully only to bring it out on the
occasion you received it on.

Then you remember who made this for you and for what occasion and all
the things that happened that day when you received it and then you think
about that person who made it for you!

That is called Making A Memory!


How fun is it to go back and look at things that were made for you that you
received from your kids as a school craft project or from a friend who was
just starting out doing a new craft and then seeing how far she has come.

My grandmother had a box of things that I had made in school, craft
projects made out of paper plates and other things and then as I got older
she could see the progress I had made and use to laugh with me at some
of the things that I had come up with, and was amazed and happy for
that I was doing better and becoming more creative at the same time.

That box of what I thought at the time was not good enough made her
very happy when she opened it and talked and laughed about what
was inside.

And sometimes we do think that what we have made for somebody
is not good enough or that the materials that we prefer to work in might
be looked upon as child like but that is not the case at all.

What ever project you decide on or craft medium you like to work in you
will be giving the recipient of the gift something that is more valuable
than anything,you will be making memories for them to look back
on forever and ever and in the end that is all we have!

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize
they were the big things." ~Robert Brault


.·:*¨♥ Bead A Memory With Us ♥¨*:·.

.·:*¨♥ Jenny and Jan ♥¨*:·.

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