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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Handy Tool For Beading!

When we first started beading we found that some beads in the bags we got had rough edges to them or the holes had bits of plastic that were left over from when they were manufactured. We tried different methods and ways to get rid of those rough edges and settled on the handiest tool we found to use nail clippers!

We know its not the most glamorous or the most expensive tool in the bead tool kit but its one of the handiest ones. The nail clippers we use you can find at your local dollar store and they come in different sizes as well. When we run across a bead that has rough edges or bits left we just clips those bits away with the nail clippers quickly and easily, leaving the surface of the bead as smooth as the rest is.

We also use nail clippers to cut wire that we are working with or to cut off excess wire when we have finished a project and the wire ends needs to be trimmed a bit closer.

The nail clippers have many uses in crafting and beading in particular!

If you have any tips that you would like to pass along just email us we would be happy to hear them!

~Happy Beading Everyone~

Jenny and Jan

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The Bead Shak

The Bead Shak

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