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Friday, May 25, 2007

How To Make Friendship Pins!

Friendship Pins or Safety Pin Beading is a craft that anyone can do of
any age or experience level!

If you have never beaded before friendship pins are a great way to start out.

They are easy to do, fun and unique.

With the summer school break upon us its the perfect craft for kids
to do or a great craft to teach your kids if they have never done them before!

Friendship Pins make cute gifts for you family and friends, you can trade
them with your friends, collect them from people all over the world and so
much more, the possibilities are limitless.


How To

Once you find the friendship pin pattern you want to do you will
see the list of materials you need to buy.

Seed beads you can buy a mixed bag of seed beads or for an
individual project you can purchase bags of each color. We found that the
mixed bag of seed beads is your best value as it allows you to do many
projects not just the one.

For the safety pin size it depends on the project your going to make. Some
designs are smaller meaning there is not as many rows across and down so the
number and size of the safety pins you need for any project will vary.

Also it can get confusing some designers quote the actual size of safety
pin in inches that you need some designers
quote the number size.

The chart below is a quide to size and the number for each safety pin size.

3/4" #00 safety pin
7/8" #0 safety pin
1 1/8" #1 safety pin
1 1/2" #2 safety pin
2" #3 safety pin
2 1/4" #4 safety pin
3" #5 safety pin New Larger Size

The best thing to do is write down the materials you need for the particular
project you want to work on and then get your supplies for that project.


Once you have all your materials the fun part begins!

We have Free Instructions on how to do Friendship Pins on the
Bead Shak site ready for you to download and print out!

Below is a quick guide on how to get started!

First open the safety pin, string on the beads according to
the pattern Starting at the top and Row 1 and work your
way down the safety pin.

Once the beads are all on from Row 1, pinch the end of
the safety pin with plier so the safety pin won't come open

Once you have all your rows done, we need to hang them on the
bigger safety pin so we do it like the diagram below.

Open the safety that you are going to hang your project on.

Then take a flat tool for example a screw driver and carefully
pry open the coiled end of the safety pin.

Following the pattern from left to right, slip the loop of the first
beaded safety pin onto the large one. Pull it around the coil of the
of the large pin and to the back side of the pin as shown in the diagram
Continue on until all your pins have been put on.

Once all the pins are on, then take your pliers and carefully close up the
coil end of the safety pin. Your finished project will look like the diagrams

Congratulations you have just made your first friendship pin project!


Hints and Tips

When you purchase your seed beads you will see in the package
that they are not all the same size some are a larger than others or
slightly different in shape.

When you do your project try to pick out of the package the seed beads
that are closest in diameter and height so that your project will come out
the best it possibly can.


We have made up an e-book of some of our most popular and
best selling Friendship Pin patterns!

This e-book has 12 very cleverly designed patterns and it covers every
Holiday and Season! These make great gifts for you family and friends!
This collection of Friendship Pins is a great value!

You can check them out here: Friendship Pin E-Book


·:*¨♥ Happy Beading Everyone ♥¨*:·.

.·:*¨♥ Jenny and Jan ♥¨*:·.

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The Bead Shak

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