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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bead Sayings and Quotes!

I love little sayings or quotes!

Quotes or sayings they can -:-

Say in a few words what your thinking

Say in a few words what you believe in

They can express how you feel that day

Quotes or sayings they can also -:-

Inspire you

Make you think

Put things in perspective

Comfort you when things are not great in your life

Quotes or sayings they can also -:-

Make you go huh? or mmmmmm and shake your head
and say oh that is different!

The can also make you laugh out loud!


I had gotten away from reading some of the great quotes on the net but
have now gone back to
them over the last few months. With so much loss
change that has happened I started to read them again and I have
from them, been inspired by them, cried at some of them and
then turned around and
laughed and said oh yeah I can relate to that!


I tried to find some bead quotes or sayings and I couldn't
find that many of
them. It would be fun to get going a
collection of bead sayings or quotes or
poems about beading!
If you have anything like this, and would like to share
with us would we would love to hear from you! With your permission we
would include it on our Bead Shak Blog
for everyone to see and enjoy!

Send your bead sayings or quotes to:

Jenny jennyATbeadshak.net

Jan janATbeadshak.net

Please replace the AT with @ this helps to cut down on our spam mail!


.·:*¨♥ Bead A Memory With Us ♥¨*:·.

.·:*¨♥ Jenny and Jan ♥¨*:·.


~You never know when you are making a Memory~


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The Bead Shak

The Bead Shak

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