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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Plastic Lacing For Beading Projects!

In a lot of beading patterns where the project calls for pony beads or mini pony beads Plastic Lacing is also used. Plastic Lacing is also known as Rexlace ~ Gimp ~ Scooby-Do (in France), ~ Lanyard and even by the name of Boon-Doggle and is a plastic lacing or cording which is flat and the standard size is about 3/32" but it does come in wider sizes 1/4" and 3/8". Rexlace comes in a variety of colors, anything from black to hot neon pink to lime green and patriotic red, white and blue stripes.

Purchasing it in rolls is probably the most economical way to do it. The rolls normally come in 100 yard spools or 90 meters. Rexlace does come in hanks and some stores will even sell it by the yard. If you decide to purchase the spool you will have lots left over to make many more projects but keep in mind that a little cording goes a long way and you will be using the same colors over again in other projects, so if you want variety you might consider just purchasing it by the hank or yard.

Another type of plastic lacing is called S'getti® String. This is round plastic lacing typically about 1/16" diameter and again comes in a wide variety of colors. It is available in hanks, by the yard, or in 75 yard spools. This lacing is a little softer in texture and can be a little harder to work with as it does stretch a little more than the rexlace lacing does.

So now what do we do with this lacing!

There is so much that you can do with plastic lacing that we will just list a few things here its most commonly used for or in conjunction with, keychains, back pack buddies, making bracelets, necklaces particularly out of the round lacing, pony bead sun catchers, belts, zipper pulls, it can be woven into plastic canvas and it will go on as far as your imagination will take you!

Rexlace is probably the least expensive cording to use when doing any of your beading projects. Its easy to find in most area craft stores, there are many colors to choose from, its easy to work with, kids to adults can find a project using rexlace that is just right for them for any skill level from beginner to the expert.

Rexlace or the S'getti® String plastic lacing is more suited for doing those key chain projects, beadie buddies, back pack characters and the sun catcher patterns. Incorporating pony beads, plastic shapes, initials, mini beads, or braiding the plastic lacing into your projects is a fun way to make them your own.

Hint: To curl plastic lacing, secure the lacing around a wooden dowel, the size of the dowel your choice, depending on the size of the curl you want to achieve, place the dowel with the lacing wrapped around it into some hot water for several second then take out the dowel and immerse in cold water for a few more second just to cool it down and set the curl and there you go... curled lacing!

With all these projects the choices are endless, from picking those hot pink pony beads to choosing the neon pink lacing to string on your beads, let your imagination run wild, and have fun!

~Happy Beading Everyone~

Jenny and Jan

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All Rights Reserved

Posted By: Bead Shak

The Bead Shak

The Bead Shak

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